Set of samples "ESE Lungo", 25 ESE Pads / Espresso Pods / Cialde, 175 g

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Set of samples "ESE Lungo", 25 ESE Pads / Espresso Pods / Cialde, 175 g

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A special set of samples for all Café Crème lovers. The Easy Serving Espresso system was for a long time only suitable for the preparation of espresso and is now suitable as well for the enjoyment of a "Caffè Lungo" of the high pressure procedure. This longed espresso variation is reached by a lighter roasting and roughly ground beans. These procedures are in the best possible way put into practice by the respective roasters and guarantee a full-bodied aroma without release of bitterns during the longer brewing process. Our advice: J. Hornig "Spezial Melange" from Austria is a mild breakfast coffee with fine crema, Mäder Swiss Cafe is best suitable - as desired with milk - for "Schümli" coffee and the Italian Molinari is a strong Caffè Crema coffee. The servings (Cialde / Servings / Pods) fulfil the Easy Serving Espresso standard and can be used in every E.S.E. espresso machine and in many protafilter machines with appropriate adapter filter. They really should be prepared as so-called 'Lungo' and not as short espresso.

ESE stands for the international standard "Easy Serving Espresso". In contrast to closed coffee systems, which mainly allow the use of brand-bound aluminium or plastic capsules, ESE pods can be used by more than 400 coffee producers with a variety of coffee machines. (ESE) pods are also called Servings or Cialde and are smaller and stronger than standard coffee pods. The combination of high-quality espresso with the practical and ecological ESE standard offers 100% coffee pleasure.
ESE pods ensure simple and clean preparation.

  • set of samples consists of 25 selected coffee specialities, individually packed
  • excellent selection: 5 x 5 different quality blends respectively intensities
  • J. Hornig coffee "Spezial Melange", Mäder Schümli and Caffè Crema by Molinari
  • preparation as Café Crème (Lungo) - dosage recommendation: approx. 170 ml
  • espresso (lungo) pads of worldwide E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) standard

Produced in: Italy, Austria, Switzerland
Caffeine content: caffeinated
Storage: store cool and dry
ESE pods are packed under protective atmosphere.

Decoration is not included in the scope of services.

Manufacturer address: Business-Coffee GmbH, Neumarkter Str. 18-20, 81673 München, Germany